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A.R.C. is a nonprofit veterinary medical facility dedicated to saving the lives of animals that are highly at-risk in Los Angeles.

A.R.C.’s veterinarians provide medical services for rescued animals brought in by well-established rescue groups and organizations as well as those brought in by individuals who live in the area.

We provide low-cost spaying, neutering, dental services, surgeries and other medical procedures to ensure that the abandoned, abused, ill and wounded animals that come in through our doors begin to live better lives. From our front desk to our kennel workers, everyone at A.R.C. is a rescuer.

Staff includes (but hardly limited to):

*The Director of A.R.C.’s Veterinary Services, and its Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Salah is an award-winning, compassionate doctor with decades of experience serving the cause of animal welfare in Los Angeles.

*Highly committed as well as highly trained, Dr. Lisa Hsuan is also a feral cat rescuer who spends much of her free time trapping feral and working to counter the overpopulation of felines in Los Angeles.

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